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Intersections on CBC Radio


Intersections bannerCheck out the CBC Radio show I took a break from the blog to help create and produce. Here’s a summary:

It’s happening in office towers, restaurant kitchens, even in our own living rooms. Some call it a “clash of cultures”. We call it “Intersections”. It’s a show about how we connect – or not – in our ever-changing Canada. Spouses, colleagues, neighbours and friends talk about the cultural tensions in their relationships. Their unexpected, funny and poignant stories tell us more about who we are and where we’re heading, exposing some uncomfortable truths along the way.  http://www.cbc.ca/intersections

When to hold and when to fold


April 2, 2013

Spring has officially sprung in Canada. Clichés like that are universally panned for being meaningless, overused and uninspired. But with everybody and his dog publicizing their thoughts, faster, clichés are impossible to avoid. So it’s just a matter of knowing how to manage them.